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Congratulations! Your boo popped the question, and now you’re on cloud nine, dreaming about your big day. Whether you’ve always envisioned a beach wedding or just fallen in love with the idea, there’s no denying that a seaside celebration has a unique charm that’s hard to beat. However, as the initial excitement fades, and staring at that sparkly new ring is no longer an all-day event, you may feel lost and unsure of where to begin. But don’t worry; with these tips for planning St. Petersburg beach wedding ceremony and a wedding planner, you’ll breeze through it. 

With their expertise and guidance, you can make your dream beach wedding ceremony in St. Petersburg a reality. From choosing the perfect location to selecting the right decor, a wedding planning service specialized in beach ceremonies can help you navigate every aspect of the planning process. So, take a deep breath, relax, and get ready to plan the beach wedding of your dreams!

Tips For Planning Unforgettable St Petersburg Beach Weddings

Close your eyes and imagine walking down a sandy aisle with the ocean breeze gently caressing your hair. The sun is setting behind you, and your friends and family have gathered around, eagerly waiting to witness your big moment. If that image fills your heart with joy and has you smiling from ear to ear, a beach wedding in St. Petersburg might be the perfect option!

At Beach Weddings With Style, we specialize in creating unforgettable beach wedding ceremonies that capture the coast’s natural beauty and laid-back atmosphere. We understand that planning a wedding can quickly become overwhelming, but don’t worry because we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

Our top tips will help you select the perfect location, choose the most beach-friendly attire, and ensure that every detail is taken care of, leaving you free to relax and enjoy your special day.

Beach Wedding Ceremony Decor Ideas to Compliment St. Petersburg’s Scenery

At Beach Weddings with Style, we understand that every couple has their own unique vision for their dream beach wedding. That’s why we offer a wide variety of beach wedding decor options to suit your style and taste. For example, our decorative wooden arches are the perfect way to create a stunning focal point for your ceremony, and our floral tie-backs add a touch of elegance and romance to your special day. 

For added ambiance, we offer lanterns to line the aisle, and wedding signage helps guide your guests and adds a personalized touch to your ceremony. If you’re going for a boho-chic vibe, we have macrame hangers, flower tubes or jars hanging from chairs, and other boho decor options to create a relaxed, laid-back atmosphere. 

And when it comes to seating, we have a variety of decorative wooden chairs to choose from, including dark wood, white chairs, and bamboo chairs, to compliment your beach wedding decor perfectly.

These elements together create the perfect beach wedding ceremony setting. 

Choosing the Right Time of Year for a Beach Wedding in St. Petersburg


The best time of year to get married on the beach in St. Petersburg, FL, depends on your preferences and priorities. Generally, the most popular time for beach weddings in St. Petersburg is from March to May and then from September to November. During these months, the weather is mild, the crowds are smaller, and the prices are generally more affordable.

However, if you don’t mind the heat and humidity, a summer wedding from June to August can be a great option. You’ll enjoy longer daylight hours, warmer water temperatures, and the chance to take advantage of the many fun summer activities in the area.

On the other hand, if you prefer cooler temperatures and a more intimate setting, a winter wedding from December to February can be a great choice. While temperatures may dip into the 50s or 60s, you’ll enjoy fewer crowds, lower prices, and the chance to take advantage of seasonal decor and activities.

Ultimately, the best time of year for your beach wedding in St. Petersburg will depend on your personal preferences, budget, and priorities. But no matter when you decide to tie the knot, [insert wedding planning company name] is here to help you plan the perfect beach wedding and make your special day one you’ll never forget!

Permits and Regulations for Beach Weddings in St. Petersburg

At Beach Weddings With Style, we have years of experience planning beach wedding ceremonies in St. Petersburg. We can obtain the necessary permits for you as a part of our service. We’ll work closely with you to ensure your wedding is beautiful, unforgettable, and fully compliant with local laws and regulations. So why stress about permits and regulations when you can leave it to the experts? 

Hiring Vendors for Your Beach Wedding in St. Petersburg

Planning a beach wedding ceremony in St. Petersburg, FL, is an exciting and beautiful experience, but it can also be overwhelming when it comes to choosing vendors. With so many options, figuring out where to start can take time. 

That’s where Beach Weddings With Style comes in. Our experienced St. Petersburg wedding planner service has a preferred vendor list of  photographers, florists and ordains. Our list includes only the best and most reliable vendors in the area and they will choose them  for your big day, so you can relax and enjoy your big day. 

Planning for Inclement Weather on Your St. Petersburg Beach Wedding Day

While a beach wedding in St. Petersburg, FL, is a beautiful and unforgettable experience, planning for inclement weather is essential. The weather in Florida can be unpredictable, so it’s vital to have a backup plan in case of rain or other adverse conditions. 

Consider renting tents, umbrellas, or a nearby indoor venue as a backup location. Additionally, communicate with your vendors and make sure they’re aware of the contingency plan. With the right planning and preparation, you can still have a perfect wedding day, even if the weather doesn’t cooperate.

Tips for a Stress-Free Beach Wedding Planning

Planning a beach wedding can be stressful, but with the right tips, you can enjoy a stress-free process. First, start planning early so you have plenty of time to make any necessary arrangements. 

Second, hire a reliable St Petersburg wedding planner service who understands the unique challenges of beach weddings, like Beach Weddings With Style, to take care of all the details. Third, consider the weather when choosing your wedding date and make backup plans in case of rain or other unexpected events. 

Finally, remember to take time for yourself and enjoy the process. After all, planning a beach wedding in St. Petersburg, FL is a once-in-a-lifetime experience; with these tips, you can make it a stress-free and memorable one.

With the stunning Gulf of Mexico as your backdrop, your beach wedding in St. Petersburg, FL, will surely be a beautiful and magical experience that you and your guests will cherish forever.



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 Weather in Tampa Bay area is extremely unpredictable. Forecast may change throughout the day, hour by hour, we will always do everything in our power to work with you. Depending on the severity of the rain, you may not be able to have your ceremony as we planned. If there are any breaks in the weather, we will head out on to the sand for more pictures and celebration. If case a storm doesn’t let us have your wedding, we can decide to have your ceremony on the next day, or choose another date for up to 365 days from the original ceremony date (depending on our and vendor availability). Being flexible with your wedding time is something to expect as sometimes we may need to move the wedding time to avoid the rain. Having  Event Weather Insurance is great for hurricanes and storms. Having wedding insurance is essential since the weather is Florida is unpredictable. Should the wedding need to be moved into alternative location and it is available, this option is an accommodation and may not include all the setup materials originally included with your wedding package. There will be no ‘discount’ in this event as we will do our best to setup as much as we can accordingly. In all cases, we are not responsible for weather related events and their potential risks associated. We will always make every effort to have your Beach Wedding out on the sand!  


The Location and Time Booked is not guaranteed.  We are subject to different Municipalities, Cities, National Parks, County Parks, Local Government, and State Parks – we make every effort to ensure the original location is reserved as quickly as possible, however, this is an active calendar and last-minute bookings can occur.  Further, other events may take precedence (Festivals, Concerts, Food Rally’s, etc.) and we are subject to cancellation.  We ask that couples remain flexible as we always work in their best interest to find a suitable alternate location and date in this rare event.


All locations are subject to Public Parking.  Please plan accordingly for parking and unusual traffic patterns.  It’s always best to arrive early and stay in an air-conditioned car as we start promptly on time.  Certain locations include the Entrance Fee. We are not allowed to reserve parking spots.  That’s why we recommend avoiding the middle of the day on Saturday/Holiday weekends.  Most locations have metered parking and can range from $1.50-4/hour or a flat fee for the day.


Non-refundable deposit is required to start a planning process. By purchasing a ceremony package on our website your will get an estimate on how much can that be. You can pay right there on check out or via email link after our phone call. The remaining balance is due no later than 60 days before the wedding date. If the payment is 5 days late your wedding will be canceled.

If you cancel your wedding ceremony, the full amount for all payments made shall not be refunded.



Saturday or Sunday mid-day or even early afternoon is not the best time for a wedding (beach goers, parking, traffic, etc.).  We instead recommend before 11am or after 4pm to avoid the busiest time of the date.  If you will be in town for the week, we highly recommend Monday – Friday (non-holiday weeks)!  Certain locations provide more privacy than others.  Further, the only way to have a completely private location would be on Private Property facing the Gulf of Mexico. We recommend all guests seated during the ceremony.  There are several reasons for this:  Line of Sight for the Photographer and overall organization of the event/ceremony. The Permit obtained does not guarantee us a location. All of the locations we service are located in Public Beach & Neighborhood Access points, therefore not Private Beach.  If you have specific questions regarding this, please don’t hesitate to call/email us anytime.


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beach weddings Clearwater beach

2 Post Bamboo Arch comes decorated with fabric of your choice and a sand ceremony table. Want flowers? Add them in our section Add Flowers to Your Arch!


beach weddings Clearwater

Birch Wood arch comes decorated with fabric of your choice and a sand ceremony table. Want flowers? Add them in our section Add Flowers To your Arch!


beach wedding arch

2 Post Dark Chocolate Arch comes decorated with fabric of your choice and a sand ceremony table. Want flowers? Add them in our section Add Flowers to Your Arch!


Beach Wedding arch

2 Post Angle White Arch comes decorated with fabric of your choice and sand ceremony table. Want flowers? Add them in our section Add Flowers to your Arch!

Fresh Flowers in Tubes $150

Hanging lanterns will give an intimate and cozy touch to the ceremony.  Pick from available options during planning process; included are up to 6 small lanterns hanging on a shepherd’s hooks. For additional lanterns there will be a separate charge.


If you prefer large lanterns sitting on the aisle, take a look at this photo! We have color options that you can choose from during the planning process. Available up to 6 lanterns, if additional lanterns are needed, there will be a separate charge.


Beach wedding signs

Wooden wedding signs are seriously our favorite. A perfect way to welcome your guests to your ceremony and mark the beginning of your forever! Add one now and pick from available designs during the planning process.



macrame hangers for beach weeding

Perfect chair decorations for a Boho-style wedding. Enjoy the unique look with these macrame chair hangers.



rose petal toss

Toss for good luck as the Bride and Groom depart! These pretty petals are for you to share. As the couple walks down the aisle… toss them high in the air! Included are 10 bags of rose petals! You are welcome to add more bags for additional price. Available colors red, white, pink, yellow, orange, choose them during the planning process.


Dark wood handcrafted A frame arch with rustic carpet and 2 vases with pampas grass. Sand ceremony table is included with the arch.



rose petal toss

Toss for good luck as the Bride and Groom depart! These pretty petals are for you to share. As the couple walks down the aisle… toss them high in the air! Included are 10 bags of rose petals!


rose petals on aisle

Decorate your aisle with beautiful rose petals, it will give your ceremony a special look you won’t forget. Rose petal aisle decor is the perfect way to brighten up your wedding ceremony and it will look gorgeous in your photos! Available colors are red, yellow, white, pink, lavender, and orange (separate quote for custom color). Pick your color during the planning process.



One of the most unforgettable moments for any bride is her long walk down the aisle. To make this walk a one to remember, include this breathtaking floral decoration on your aisle.



beach wedding flowers

One of the most unique wedding aisle decor ideas is using mason jars. Fill them with water, roses, and different flowers, and hang them on Shepard’s hooks lining your aisle for an inspiring and elegant ceremony. Available up to 6 jars, for more jars there is an additional charge.



Aisle markers are one of the most popular ways to enhance your ceremony space. They’re placed along the entirety of the aisle at the inner end of each chair row.


beach wedding chairs

Add these modern farmhouse chairs to your wedding, they are recommended for every guest. Each chair comes decorated with a sash fabric color of your choice.


beach wedding

White Beach Chair are classic choice for every wedding, they are recommended for every guest. Each chair comes decorated with sash fabric color of your choice.


wedding chairs

Bamboo Chairs will give your wedding an upscale look. Chairs will have staggering looks standing on white sand. Each chair comes decorated with a sash fabric color of your choice.


macrame hangers

Add an extra romantic touch to your ceremony with a BOHO wedding look! Included are up to 6 macrame hangers on chairs decorating your walkway.



wedding bouquet

Traditional Rose Bouquet comes with roses and greens, available colors are red, pink, white, yellow, cream, lavender, and orange (pick colors during the planning process). If you prefer a different style or color of your bouquet, you have an option to choose a custom-designed bouquet option and our experienced florist will work diligently to create bespoke wedding floral designs that will meet your unique taste. Your bouquet will be a beautiful and meaningful symbol of your love on a special day.


wedding bouquet

This bouquet will be a perfect complement to your Maid of Honor or Bridesmaid’s dresses they will carry down the aisle. Included a Traditional Rose bouquet with available colors white, red, pink, yellow, lavender, cream, and orange. Its soft and ethereal beauty will surely captivate the hearts of everyone in attendance.



beach wedding flowers

The Groom’s boutonniere, with its classic elegance, symbolizes love, commitment, and devotion. It’s a significant detail that helps make his wedding day unforgettable, showcasing the deep love he has for his partner and the excitement of starting their journey together as a married couple!



Corsage symbolizes honor, respect, and admiration towards someone special in your life. It serves as a way of showing appreciation, gratitude, and love towards that person. Corsage adds a special touch of beauty to this special occasion!



grooms boutonniere

Boutonniere is a delicate adornment that embodies both the style and purpose of the wedding. It is a symbol of unity, friendship, and support between the groom and his closest friends.


Wedding flower girl

The flower girl is a reminder of the beauty and joy that surround us all, and of the importance of taking time to appreciate it. She represents the start of a new beginning, an extension of love and devotion that transcends generations. Included basket filled with rose petals, available colors red, white, yellow, cream, pink, lavender, and orange. Choose your color during the planning process.


beach weddings bouquet

Each bouquet is thoughtfully designed and crafted with hand-selected flowers to create an unforgettable detail for your special day. Send us the inspirational photo and our florist will create a design that perfectly match your wedding theme, style, and personal preferences.


arch flowers

Fresh flowers on the arch are perfect for creating a stunning focal point for your ceremony, our skilled florist will work closely with you to match your wedding colors and style. Make your “I do” moment truly special under our professionally arranged beautiful floral arch.


Our beautiful, handcrafted pieces add an elegant touch to your wedding party groomsman or best man. Made with fresh quality flowers, boutonnieres are an elegant addition to the wedding attire.


Shoes wedding sign

Invite your guests to kick off their shoes and enjoy the sand between their toes. Sign will also include containers for your guests to keep their shoes free of sand.


Wedding chair sash

Elevate the overall look of a ceremony by adding sashes to your chairs. They can turn plain chair into glamourous, elegant pieces of decor. 


Florida beach weddings

Add a unique touch to your special day with our stunning white A-frame arch. This eye-catching piece is perfect for creating memorable moments! Included boho carpet for bride and groom to stand on while saying “I do”.


Beach wedding Florida

Fresh flowers on the arch are perfect for creating a stunning focal point for your ceremony, our skilled florist will work closely with you to match your wedding colors and style. Make your “I do” moment truly special under our professionally arranged beautiful floral arch.


Beach Wedding Planner Clearwater

Fresh flowers on the arch are perfect for creating a stunning focal point for your ceremony, our skilled florist will work closely with you to match your wedding colors and style. Make your “I do” moment truly special under our professionally arranged beautiful floral arch.


Canopy wedding arch Florida

This canopy 4 pole arch embodies the beauty, elegance, and romance of the wedding day, creating lasting memories for the couple and their guests! Arch comes with sand ceremony table (available fabric colors are white, ivory, navy blue, dusty rose, and pink)



Beach wedding reception

Mini Reception event is 1.5 hour bundled event on the beach, and includes 10×10 white tent with 2 tables, extended photography to covet the whole event, wedding cake, appetizers, citrus water in dispenser, and utensils for everyone. This event is for ceremonies anywhere from 10 to 40 people with couple and wedding party included, limited to Clearwater Beach (Avalon Street) and Pass-A-Grille Beach, Monday – Friday only.


Florida beach weddings

A Circular Wedding Arch in a unique and visually captivating backdrop for couples to exchange vows. With its symmetrical and elegant design, it symbolizes eternity and unity, making it perfect choice for couples looking to add a modern touch to their ceremony!